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Tooth Extractions

Gentle Tooth Extractions in Kountze, TX

Our team is passionate about your oral health and will do everything possible to save your natural teeth. However, in some situations, extractions are necessary when the tooth is damaged beyond repair, shows excessive decay, or when there is severe overcrowding of your teeth. At All NeedZ Dental, we offer safe tooth extractions for patients in Kountze.

Our dentists care about providing a relaxing experience and do everything possible to maximize your comfort during tooth extractions. Our team utilizes advanced dental technology and equipment during extraction to make the process as efficient as possible. With our seasoned dental team, you will always be treated with respect and compassion. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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What Is a Tooth Extraction?

A dental extraction is the complete removal of the tooth and its roots. Tooth extraction may seem intimidating for many people, but our dentists have performed countless teeth extractions using highly successful and safe techniques. Our team always strives to save your natural teeth. However, when tooth removal is the only dental option remaining, our extraction services are effective and performed as gently as possible.

When is a Dental Extraction in Kountze Necessary?

When you visit our practice, our friendly team will assess your dental health and determine the main cause of any jaw or tooth pain you may be experiencing. We'll perform a thorough exam to verify the health of your teeth, jaws, and gums. If you have a tooth that we cannot save, we will recommend Kountze extraction services. Extractions can be necessary for a number of situations, including:

Dental Emergencies: Dental emergencies can occur at any time and to anyone. In an emergency, our dentists work quickly to relieve your pain and restore the health of your tooth. However, if your tooth is damaged beyond repair, we will perform an extraction to help restore your overall oral health.

Baby Teeth Extractions: Our dentists can also perform baby tooth extractions. A local anesthetic is administered so that the procedure is quick and as comfortable as possible. Extracting milk teeth will help to ensure that permanent teeth have the growing space they need. Our doctors can also recommend the removal of decayed or damaged milk teeth.

Tooth Decay: An extraction is necessary when severe tooth decay is not treatable with a crown or filling. Our dentists will take time to explore various options for saving your tooth before recommending removal. Our team is committed to helping you find an affordable and effective solution when facing tooth decay.

Impacted Teeth: These are teeth that remain fully or partially below the gum surface as they grow. Impacted teeth are prone to infections and push against neighboring teeth, causing crowding, infections, and inflammation. Our dentists will examine your jaws to determine whether teeth are growing properly and check for impacted teeth. If you have any impacted teeth, an extraction will help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by swelling and inflammation and boost your overall dental health.

Gum Disease: When gum disease is severe, it affects the roots supporting your teeth, making them loose. If this happens, a dental extraction may help stop the spread of gum disease to other parts of your gums and teeth.

What to Expect with Tooth Extractions

After our dentists determine that an extraction is necessary, we will complete the procedure within a single visit. To prepare for your extraction, our dentists will utilize x-rays to evaluate your tooth and develop a plan for a successful extraction.

At the beginning of the procedure, our seasoned dentists will numb the extraction area and can use nitrous oxide to maximize your comfort if requested. The damaged tooth or teeth will then be removed and gauze placed on the gap to protect affected tissues as they heal.

Treatment Options After Dental Extraction in Kountze

Kountze extractionsRemoving your tooth does not have to affect the look of your smile and bite function. There are many options for replacing teeth after an extraction, and our dedicated team at All NeedZ Dental can assist you in choosing the right one for your smile. Based on the number of teeth that require replacing, you may consider a dental bridge or partial denture. You can also opt for a full denture to replace a whole arch of teeth.

Our Kountze extractions dentists also provide dental implants, an effective restorative option for replacing tooth roots and crowns. With dental implants, you can renew a single tooth or an entire smile. Our dentists will discuss all the available options for tooth replacement with you while planning your extraction treatment. We will help you understand the restorative procedures that best suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Effective Dental Extractions

You don't have to live with pain in your teeth or jaws. Our dentists will offer Kountze extractions services in a state-of-the-art dental office. We are passionate about offering you reliable, efficient, and safe extraction treatments. You can rely on our compassionate and effective care to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while we restore your smile. If you experience discomfort or pain associated with a damaged or decayed tooth, contact our office today to schedule your initial appointment.

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When I first came to All Needz I was hoping to get relief from a tooth ache that had plagued me for 6 months. What I received was genuine concern and gentle care from staff and my dentist. I honestly feel that my life has changed for the better. My mouth is healthy now and my outlook is brighter.

Everyone here works hard to make you feel at ease and comfortable. I won't ever go anywhere else.

- C. Carpenter


The best dentist office we have ever been to by far. Dental Hygentists are awesome with my kids. Very personable and excellent patience with the kids. The dentists are great also. Everyone here really cares about the patients well being.

- M. Simpson


After moving to the area in 2009 and looking for a dentist to continue my treatments as well as my children. I came to Dr. Worsley and I must say taht I have always been very pleased with the results, service, and the staff. I refer all my friends in the area to All Needz Dental. I will continue to my dental needs with Dr. Worsley.

- S. Gallender

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